Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Audio Books

Getting tired of listening to loud music on your Ipod all day long? There is a choice. There are many free items that you can download to your Ipod and listen to. The AUR Library Catalog helps you to do this in several ways.

  • These are books that you can listen to. Many of these can be bought from or other websites, but there are many free ones as well, where volunteers read their favorite books. If you want, you can participate as well. AUR has cataloged only a couple of these websites, but they have a good number of books.
  • These are all books that are in the public domain, so there is Arthur Conan Doyle, but not Stephen King.
Online classes
  • Want to take ANOTHER class? There are a lot of free ones on the web (for not credit, of course!)
  • You can "attend" the class when they take a video of it and put it on the web the next day. The best one is at UC Berkeley where you can watch the class as if you were there. Some of these are audio only.
  • Course materials
  • Another development is something called OpenSourceWare, where education institutions agree to share their education materials. The two major contributors at this moment are at Open CourseWare Consortium and The World Lecture Hall, both of which include course materials from around the world. If you want to take a course in economics as taught in Vietnam, the materials and lecture notes are all there.