Friday, July 24, 2009

News Sites Added to General News Page

When you go to the General News: Latest News Page, which searches the latest news in sites around the world, we have added three sites: The Independent (from the United Kingdom), Der Spiegel (from Germany), and Russia Today (from the Russian Federation). So, when you open this page, you will automatically see the latest news from these sites, as well as from the other sites.

Don't forget our other news feeds available through the AUR Library Information Wiki. All of this is available through the Library Catalog by choosing:
==> News.
==> News Feeds.

See also our Academic Blogs!

New Option in Extend Search: Videos

There is now a new database group in the Extend Search function: Videos. When you select this group, you will be searching different online databases for online videos.

As with the other Extend Search groups, after you select the group, this will search different sites. In this case, Google Video, the Internet Archive, IMovies, Joost, Entertainment Magazine, and LikeTelevision. Hundreds, if not thousands, of movies can be watched in their entirety online, such as Frank Capra's moving Meet John Doe, starring Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck, such monster movies as The Brain the Wouldn't Die, or film noir classics as D.O.A., or silent classics, such as Nosferatu.

And don't forget to read the 2-Minute Tutorial!

Good viewing!

New searching in the AUR Catalog

We have made a small, but useful improvement to the AUR library catalog by allowing searchers to limit by format on any page. So, you can limit to only electronic resources, or books and so on.

Before this improvement, it was necessary to go to the Advanced Search page to select the format. You can still go there to make more specific searches, by subject, ordering the results, and so on.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Keyword Search for Academic Blogs

We have improved our tool to search selected Academic Blogs by adding another page where you can search by keywords of your choice. When you search it, it will go into Google Blog Search to find the latest posts on your topic, and arrange it by date, but you can rearrange it by relevance or limit to different dates.

When you are in Google Blog Search, you can do other searches, but if you want to search the selected Academic Blogs for keywords, this is currently the only way to do it. Further instructions are on the page.

To get into both Academic Blogs, go to the AUR Library Catalog, select Browse on the Menu and run the cursor over Academic Blogs.

Try the Academic Blogs Keyword Search.

Friday, July 10, 2009

University of Pittsburgh Digital Editions

Several university presses have made some of their books available for free over the Web. The University of Pittsburgh Press has recently done this for over 500 of their books! With this, they are taking a step along with the University of California Press and many university presses, who are making at least some of their books available.

The AUR Library has put records for all these books into the catalog and you can find them by searching for University of Pittsburgh Press Digital Editions.

To search other free university press books available in different ways, you can search for escholarship editions and you can use the Extend Search function to select Electronic Book Projects and then Free University Press Books.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Upgrade of Extend Search

We have upgraded the Extend Search function so that you can revise your search over all of the databases. For example, if you search for Peter Jennings in the sections Articles and Open Archives, you will see a box where you can change your search over all of the databases listed there.

To find out more about the Extend Search function of the AUR Library Catalog, you can take a quick, Two-Minute Tutorial.