Wednesday, October 08, 2008

ITunes U

One of the most interesting developments in academia is the creation of ITunes U. (Connect to it most easily through the AUR Library Catalog, which takes you to a page with various options) ITunes U has a fabulous number of public lectures, entire courses, and other information created by colleges, universities, and other educational institutions from around the world. Several U.S. universities have been on ITunes U for some time, such as UC Berkeley, but Yale has also gotten involved recently, and now, the universities of Oxford and Cambridge in England are adding many of their own courses. See the article in the Guardian for more information. Apple also has a nice video discussing ITunes U.

All of these can be downloaded to your portable device and listened or watched when you want. Finally, they are all free. They are on all topics, from the highly technical to basic overviews of subjects.

Also included are many videos from institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and even some television stations, such as WGBH.

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