Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Do-It Yourself Research Guide Finder for Statistics

Every student and every researcher will probably need statistics eventually on their subject. There are statistics for all kinds of subjects: business, politics, society, education, religion, and on and on. It is easier to work with statistics today, thanks to tools such as Excel and Access.

Getting the statistics is also easier today then ever before, but there is still a problem about finding them. This is an example of some of the limitations of Google searches since it often fails in the face of the needs people have for specific types of statistics.

To solve this, the AUR Library has made an attempt to create a tool that will help you find research guides for subjects of your choice. We have created the Do-It Yourself Research Guide Finder for Statistics. We still use Google, but we search it in a highly-specific manner that you may not have figured out on your own. What you will be retrieving will be research guides created by other organizations in the U.S. and U.K. which have links to statistics resources and all kinds of helpful advice.

Read the instructions there to see what is going on. Let us know how you like it and how it can be improved. While you're at it, you can see the other research guides we have made.

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