Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Updates to the AUR Library Catalog

We have made three major additions to the materials available through the AUR Library.
  1. We have added a tool to find the latest Book Reviews from the major book review sites from the US and UK The AUR Library has built similar pages: all you have to do is select the newspaper, magazine or website, and then click on anything of interest.

    You can get to this page by going through the drop-down list available on any page of the Library Catalog, selecting Browsing → News → Book Reviews.

  2. We have also added an extra database for searching through the Extend Search method, included in the Articles and Open Archives section. This is a British database and is called JURN.

    Although we are still not sure what JURN stands for, it describes itself as:
    ...a search-engine dedicated to indexing free ‘open access’ ejournals in the arts and humanities, along with other arts and scholarly publications offering free content. 
    Even though it uses a Google Custom Search Engine, you can often get better results using JURN rather than Google or Google Scholar, and the editors work very hard to make sure that you will get free materials. Included are book chapters, too!

  3. We have created a page that searches the latest tables of contents of several thousand scholarly journals using the Journals TOCs service from the Institute for Computer Based Learning at Herriot-Watt University. You can activate it in two ways: in the drop-down menu from any page of the catalog under: Browsing → Magazine Rack → Journal TOCs, or through the Extend Search → Articles and Open Archives → Journal TOCs.

Please give all these tools a try and tell us what you think.

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