Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Electronic Reference Books Added

Through our relationship with the College of Staten Island, AUR has access to many electronic resources. Two of the most important of these resources are the Gale Virtual Reference Library and Oxford Reference Online. There are hundreds of reference books in these databases comprising thousands of volumes. The problem is, the only way to know about these wonderful reference sources is to get into the CSI database list and go to either "G" for Gale Virtual Reference Library or "O" for Oxford Reference Online. Of course, no one does this.

The AUR Library added records for these resources to the online catalog some time back, but major additions have taken place, especially in the Gale reference library. To see a list of the new materials cataloged, go to the main page of the AUR Library catalog, look for "Latest Additions to the Catalog" and click on Electronic Resources. You will see that we added almost 700 reference sources that comprise a total of over 1500 volumes. (There are other resources as well) You can also see complete lists of all of the Gale reference library or Oxford reference online by searching them in the Advanced search and searching Gale virtual reference library or Oxford reference online premium.

For the study-abroad students, these materials can be used only in the library, but if you find an interesting title, you can see if you have access to it through your home school. For example, students from Broome Community College can use the AUR study-abroad page to discover that they have access to the Gale Virtual Reference Library through their home school.

All topics are represented. As only one example, here is the record for the 17 volume reference work Women in world history.

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