Monday, January 26, 2009

Welcome to the AUR Library! And the Latest Updates

To all new and returning students and instructors, welcome to the AUR Library. There are several updates to discuss.

Firstly, and very nice indeed, is the new method of access to the CSI databases. It is now based on IP address and, when you are on campus, you can simply click into the database you want and no sign in is necessary. Again, you can access the databases through the AUR catalog and look for the logo:

Underneath, you can click on Databases or Electronic Journals List. For more information on the electronic resources, you can always click on How does this work?

Off-campus access has still not be determined by CSI. We will announce the method as soon as we receive it.

Secondly, the Extend Search function of the AUR catalog has been improved. The Extend Search function has been developed by the AUR Library to make searching in other selected databases easier (for more information see Extending the Search in the AUR Library Information Wiki). Now, all you have to do is select the text that you want and the following will appear:

Click on this and your search will be made in a variety of databases, organized by:
  • Other Roman Libraries
  • World Library Catalogs
  • AUR Digital Materials
  • Electronic Book Projects
  • Articles and Open Archives
  • Synonyms/Other Tools
  • General Search Engines
Click on any of these groups and the databases will appear below. For example, if you click on Other Roman Libraries, you will see the following databases:
SBN | URBS | Centro | Public Libraries | Senato | URBE

Click on any of these databases, and the database will appear below where the search has already been don. From here, you can browse and revise the search if you need to. Again, for full instructions, see Extending the Search.

You can also search directly in the Extend Search by clicking on Search Other Collections from any page in the catalog.

We are still revising some of the help screens. Also, this is complicated searching and may take some time, so you may have to wait a bit for the searches to complete.

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