Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Latest Updates in the Library

There have been several changes in the library since the last entry.

First, there are now lots of 2-Minute Tutorials being created to help you succeed in your studies. We are definitely keeping these two minutes or less because we figure that everybody has 2 minutes to devote to learning something new. There are currently two ways to get into these tutorials. First, there is a complete list of them, but secondly, in every page of the catalog, there are some that are relevant. You can always click on "Show Tutorials for this Page" and the relevant tutorials will appear. You can also hide them by clicking in the same spot "Hide Tutorials for this Page."

Try them. They are basic, but will probably answer many of your question, plus there are plenty of links into additional information in the AUR Library Information Wiki or other pages on the web if you want something more. If you would want some made specially, let us know.

Another update is the creation of the New Books Section, which is in the downstairs lounge. All new books will be shelved there temporarily before they go to their permanent place in the stacks.

You may be interested in our latest Featured Resource, displayed on the main page of the catalog. This one goes to an online exhibition by the Library of Congress in celebration of Women's History Month.

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