Thursday, October 08, 2009

Life Magazine Online

Life Magazine was one of the most well-known U.S. publications. It was regarded especially highly for its photography, which managed to capture some famous moments.

Life magazine still has a site online but it has put its archive from 1936-1972 into Google Books where everyone can use it for free. The AUR Library has made a record for it in the catalog, adding links, and even adding a search box for you to search the contents by keyword.

There are all kinds of articles. Here are some of the pages from the Cuban Missle Crisis, which gripped the world at the time. You see students practicing their "duck and cover" while their teachers watch.

You can also see some of the earliest pictures of the Elvis Presley phenomenon, summed up in this title: Elvis: a different kind of idol, Presley's impact piles up fans, fads--and fears.

Or, an advertisement for Rayve hair cream shampoo featuring Marilyn Monroe.

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