Monday, November 23, 2009

Updates to the Library

This is another update from the AUR Library. There are some improvements and new tools in the library since the last message.
At the bottom of this message is a list of other relevant links.

To begin, I have been working a lot with the the Extend Search function of the catalog. The first new option deals with searching Art Images. This new tool is designed to allow people to easily search many of the main art collections on the web for images, including the Metropolitan, the Hermitage, and the Louvre. For more information, see the blog post:
There is also a related Two Minute Tutorial For more information on the Extend Search, see

I have created a new page to search the publications of selected think tanks based on the “Think Tank Index” from the University of Pennsylvania and published in Foreign Policy. This project brought together researches from around the world to select the most important think tanks. The library created a tool to search the publications of each of these as easily as possible. This tool is also designed to work with the Extend Search option but can be used alone, too. For more information, see the blog post

The European Union made a website that includes all of the documents it has produced for the past 60 years. The library has made a tool to search these materials, also using the Extend Search function. (You begin to see a pattern here!) See the blog post for more information:

The University of Michigan Press has made over 300 books available for free online (i.e. open access) and made them available through the database HathiTrust many of these are very recent publications (e.g. published since 2000). The relevant ones were cataloged by the library and you can find them by searching "HathiTrust Digital Library" in the library catalog. The University of Michigan Press (now under the management of the University of Michigan Library) will be putting out many more of their books using the open-access method. The University of Utah Press reportedly will be doing the same thing soon. See the blog post for more information:

The current featured resource: is the African Film Library, which contains full-length films of some of the best African directors, along with shorts and documentaries. In the featured resource description, special attention was given to the movie Lumumba, the exciting true drama (and prize-winning movie) about the former prime minister of the Congo, Patrice Lumumba, who was caught up in the US-Soviet Cold War and executed in 1961. This movie can be watched online. All videos not in English contain English subtitles. For more information, see the catalog’s main page:

Finally, our colleague at the Norwegian Institute has put up a site “In Rome” which puts out notices for various events in Rome.  We have linked to her site from the associated AUR Library Wiki page.

A few highlights added to the catalog:
Life Magazine Archives (see the blog post

Plakaty with some great Russian posters (site also in English)  One example poster, the famous “Did you volunteer?” (among thousands from all time periods)

A couple of works by Gregory Nagy made available through the web: Pindar's Homer, and The best of the Achaeans

StoneWatch the world of petroglyphs  (StoneWatch is an IFRAO member association that promotes the study of ancient rock art. Its website publishes a CD-atlas, which is composed of several illustrated articles written by different experts and available as PDF files each presenting the rock art of a region.)

The generic radio workshop vintage radio script library (has scripts for over 150 radio plays).

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See our AUR Library Virtual Exhibitions of Scholarly Resources on the Web.
The current one is on Illustration.

The Featured Resources on the main page of the catalog
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There’s lots more, too! Everything can be accessed through the main page of the catalog.

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