Thursday, December 03, 2009

Movie Reviews

We have upgraded our Extend Search function in the catalog to include a quick and easy way to find Movie Reviews.

Now, when you invoke the Extend Search, and then choose Videos, there is a possibility of searching for movie reviews using the Movie Review Query Engine (MRQE). This site has been on the World Wide Web for many years and comprises more than 25,000 movies in over 185,000 reviews culled from newspapers (local, national, and international), entertainment publications, and the newsgroup. It is fast, and is very reliable.

You can also find it through the AUR Library catalog.

Keep in mind that you must search the MRQE by the movie title, otherwise you will find zero. When you find zero, there is a link that goes into the Internet Movie Database, where you can search for the actor, find the title of the movie you are interested in, then go back to the MRQE to find the reviews.

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