Thursday, September 23, 2010

Welcome and the Latest Enhancements

Welcome to the AUR Library!

We have made some enhancements, two are available through the catalog:
  1. You can now resort your search by publication date, by clicking on either Ascending or Descending. Of course, Ascending gives you the results by publication date with the earliest items first, and Descending with the newest items first. Remember you can also see the latest items added into the collection by going to the drop-down menu, choosing Browsing --> Latest additions and then selecting the format you are interested in.
  2. We have made a change to the Extend Search for the Electronic Books Projects, which now searches Google Books in specific ways to find full-text copies of books published by University Presses. See an example search for Mussolini. Click on "Full Text Univ. Press Books." There will be other methods as well.
Available through the catalog, but separate from it, is the page to get the Latest News in International Relations. We have begun an experiment using a method to provide the latest 50 items added to Google Scholar using specific terms: International Relations, Political science, and Human Rights.

Let us know if it's useful or not.

Finally, remember the Two-Minute Tutorials that will give you a quick overview of what the library has. The most important to get that quick overview are:
These tutorials are all supposed to be Two-Minutes or less, so if something seems to be too long, let us know!

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