Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Changes in Extend Search: American Philosophical Society Publications

We have added a new possibility in the Extend Search for the Electronic Book Projects. For some time, one option has been to select Full-Text University Press Books, which actually searches Google Books and automatically limits your search to freely accessible full-text books, published by a university press.

We have added an additional drop-down box after you select this option. The default is still to search "university press" publishers, but you can now select free books published by the well-respected American Philosophical Society, founded by Benjamin Franklin himself. The Society publishes in all fields, and not just "philosophy".

Here is an example search using the Extend Search for Michelangelo. When you click on Full-Text University Press Books, you will be viewing the full-text books published by various university presses in the world. Not all are in English. But in the drop down box, there is now the option for American Philosophical Society. Select it, wait a few seconds, and their publications will appear. You can sort and limit the results in the normal ways in Google Books. 

Let us know what you think!

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