Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More changes to Extend Search: Government Documents

Based on feedback from some students and faculty, the AUR Library has added a couple of extra databases to search in the Extend Search function for Government Documents: the Congressional Record and TSO. The U.S. Congressional Record is the official record of the debates in Congress, and includes a section called Extension of Remarks, which can be anything: speeches and poems, and all kinds of other things.

The early issues of the Congressional Record (1774-1875) have also been digitized and can be found through the AUR Library Catalog.

The other database is TSO, or The Stationery Office of the British government. It includes Command Papers, House of Commons Papers and key Departmental papers. For more information, see their About page.

Here is an illustration of how it works, use the Extend Search to search for "elections in Iraq". From here you can select TSO and/or Congressional Record and the search will have been done. Of course, there are other options as well.

Please note that in the Congressional Record, the default search is for 2010, but there is a drop down box above it where you can select other years.

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